DFS Play Review (10/18 Games)

Here’s a look at the players we identified for yesterday’s games.  Some were good, some were bad. FD (6.66K per position slot) Point Guards Marcus Smart 5.3K (29.4 DFS Points)-Smart entered the starting lineup tonight and went for 12 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals.  Solid numbers for those that selected him.  Only went […]

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DFS Plays

One of the lovely parts of technology is the ability to test your “GM” skills against man and machine on different Daily Fantasy Sports sites.  Since tonight has a full slate of games, let’s take a look at some of the best value plays. We will highlight some potential high value players on the main sites, […]

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Rookies in Preseason

There are two rookies in the Western conference who are already making the draft critics question every decision maker in charge of an NBA team; Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Kuzma.  Luckily, their teams matched up this past week and they played some decent minutes.  Let’s analyze some of their actions in the 1st half to […]

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Sacramento’s Future Kings

It’s only the pre-season, and it’s only one game…but it’s our job to get a sense of what’s going on with the young guys in Sacramento.  Who has potential that will be realized versus who has potential that will be wasted.  We took a closer look at the game against the Spurs on 10/6/17 and […]

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Training Camp Cuts

It’s media day so let’s take a look at some names of players that have signed for training camp deals that will most likely not make the final roster of their current club, but could find a home somewhere else. Atlanta-The Hawks have a logjam in the front court.  While most teams are trying to […]

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Gravity Specialists

Bear with us on the loose analogy for the player categories below, but gravity is a relatively new phrase for a constant concept that has determined countless styles of play and situational schemes.  In the NBA, there are megastars that dictate the game with their combination of skill, size and athleticism.  The next level down […]

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On the Shelf: Draft Rights Owned

This list does not take into account anyone drafted in 2017, it’s more interesting to look a little deeper in the cupboard to see if there is anything worthwhile. Janis Timma (Orlando)-The 6’7″ 225 pound shooter is a player that fits into the “Stretch-4” slot to add shooting and spacing to the line up.  He’s […]

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