LeBron’s Free Throws Through the Years

Watching last night’s thriller against the Wizards, LeBron had a chance to seal the game (and help cover the spread) late at the line.  One of the greatest players of all time looked like he had revamped his Free Throw  routine.  It got us thinking about what he thinks about on the line.  And is King James reliable?

LBJ Free Throw 3
Young ‘Bron.  Elbow super high

Here we have a 2013 video that shows LBJ changing his stance, but the same little pause before the release.  He may think he’s changing things, but the sequencing is still off.

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat
Miami ‘Bron.  Bringing the ball up out of shooting sleeve

Here is a 2008 video that shows LBJ going no dribble, but a smoother transition into the release.  Shout out to Eddy Curry for being in the NBA at this point.

In 2017, the worldwide leader did a quick expose on the same topic, here.

LBJ Free Throw 2
Finals ‘Bron.  Loose with the left hand, ball won’t settle

Now we’re seeing that LeBron doesn’t even shoot a legal free throw, as he enters the lane before it hits the rim.

One thing we will never challenge, is LeBron’s ability to exert laser-like focus during games.  He’s beyond special in that realm.  He can thrive when the noise surrounding him is deafening.  But those short moments when he has to correctly fire a perfectly sequential complex set of movements, he’s not the king.  He’s far from it.  Like a golfer who changes putters, grips and rituals each time they miss a putt, LeBron is seeking perfection and falling short.

And if he wants some real help, he can @ us and we’ll fly wherever he wants.



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