Commission Joke

The NCAA took some serious action last October to set up a commission to crack down on the issues of amateurism and scandal in the Men’s basketball world.  After news broke of multiple coaches, programs, and other actors involved of trafficking money, bribing state officials, interstate commerce, etc., the NCAA knew they had to do something to address the issue.  Here’s the group they assembled to tackle this monumental issue:

Condoleezza Rice: Former Provost, Stanford University; 66th US Secretary of State

Mary Sue Coleman: President, Association of American Universities

Gen. Martin Dempsey (Ret.): Chairman, USA Basketball

Mark Emmert (ex officio): President, NCAA

Jeremy Foley: Athletics Director Emeritus, University of Florida Athletic Association

Jeffery Hathaway: VP/Athletics Director, Hofstra University

Grant Hill: Owner/Vice Chairman, Atlanta Hawks

Rev. John Jenkins: President, University of Notre Dame

Mike Montgomery: Retired Basketball Coach

GP “Bud” Peterson (ex officio): President, Georgia Institute of Technology

David Robinson: Founder, Admiral Capital Group

Kathryn Ruemmler: Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP; Former White House Counsel

Gene Smith: Sr. VP and Athletics Director, Ohio State University

John Thompson III: Board of Directors, NABC

Just to get it out in the open; USA Basketball, Florida, Hofstra, Atlanta Hawks, Ohio State and Stanford are all Nike-outfitted entities.  Georgia Tech is Russell Athletics.  Notre Dame is Under Armour.  Also only two of these people have recruited high school basketball players in the last decade!  Most of them have never had to live in the recruiting world and don’t know what is actually going on.  Clearly this group was not going to find much of anything in terms of actual solutions.

ESPN has a good article in which Jonathan Givony, Jeff Borzello and Myron Medcalf detail the findings.

Our suggestion: get some of the people who actually recruit kids these days, and some other highly intelligent people from outside of the basketball world and have them talk through the actual happenings.  There are plenty of smart enough economists/consultants/whatever that have no skin in the game if things are changed and would be able to recommend many potential solutions to this complex issue.

Try again, NCAA.  And this time, don’t waste everyone’s time and money.

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