The Physics of the 3 Point Shot

So this title is a little misleading.  We aren’t giving a physics lesson on 3 point shooting.  When you want to learn that, go to the guys at the NOAH system and they’ll science you to death about the optimal entry angle, depth, etc.  They’ve captured millions of shots from all walks of life, so […]

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NBA Award Season

Most Valuable Player James Harden Best player on the best team.  Yes, he had a great supporting cast and Chris Paul would easily win Best Actor in a supporting role.  But Harden is the perfect weapon at this point.  With a team full of spacing shooters, he has become the best isolation scorer in the […]

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Draft Night Moves

As the regular season comes to an end, we start to focus a little more on the draft.  It’s one of the few nights where every team has hope!  Regardless of how poor their season long performance was, Commissioner Silver can change the course of a franchise as he reads out a player’s name. For […]

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