Ancient Text Predict Rockets Glory

The Nick Fury of the NBA finally has his chance.  Against a seemingly insurmountable opponent, he’s cobbled together some of the world’s finest to shoot their best shot and defeat a monster.  To call this a “David versus Goliath” match up doesn’t paint an accurate picture and does a disservice to the future Hall of Famers that play in Houston this year. Dork Elvis recently stated that James Harden may be the best isolation player the game has ever seen (we won’t argue against that, he’s probably right).  But just because the Bible doesn’t have the playbook on this one doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been written before.  Actually, it was written long before that.

The I Ching (more on what it is here) originated much earlier, 9th century BC earlier to be somewhat more precise.  It’s known as the book of changes, which is precisely what the Rockets are looking for this season and has many great passages.  One in particular, stood out to us…

Great men accomplish significant deeds through an enduring effort in a consensus direction.  When you wish to achieve an important aim, direct your thoughts along a steady, uninterrupted course.  I CHING no. 57

Great men (James Harden, in case you were wondering why we highlighted this page)

Consensus direction…

Direct your thoughts…

Important aim…

Steady, uninterrupted course…

Clearly, the Houston Rockets are focused on Golden State.  Morey’s singular obsession to knock off the champions has increased exponentially this year as the team he has assembled has shown they may have what it takes to get there.

Morey Grantland
From Andrew Sharp’s 7/14/14 Grantland piece

This isn’t a newfound obsession.  But the commitment over the past several seasons to acquire the right mix of talent and personalities.  The perseverance faced when the team “swung-and-missed” a couple of times to supplement The Beard.  All of that has started to manifest in the standings.

Success comes to those who can weather the storm. I CHING no. 3

We can happily say that we are glad Morey weathered the storm.


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