Trade Deadline Winners and Losers


Family Reunions!

Jameer Nelson and Stan Van Gundy finally get back together.  Maybe this year Ish Smith gets hurt on their way to the Finals and Jameer steps in and gets redemption.

SVG Bike
The Gang is getting back together

Rob Pelinka traded for his former client, Channing Frye, bringing the sweet-shooting, SnapChat maestro to the West coast.

Pelinka Desk
He’s just so funny, can’t you tell by my face?

Thibs and Derrick Rose rumors are going around now…

Rose Stein

Thibs Rose
THIBS: We’d have won last night if you were with us. ROSE: C’mon man, you know this isn’t 2010-11!


Wade County!!

Wade CHI
This doesn’t feel right.
Wade CLE
Neither does this.
Wade MIA
This.  This just works.


Koby Altman transformed a dumpster fire into a contender.  All of the bad contracts/signings from this past off season are now gone.  George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, LeBron James is a good core to compete with Boston, Toronto, Golden State and Houston.

Koby Smirk
Oh, y’all thought I was just a pretty face??
Koby Smile
They forgot I went to a NESCAC school…


Kelce Long

It’s their day, today.  They’re all winners.  But Chris Long and Jason Kelce take the cake.


With the news of Luke Babbit getting shipped out, Atlanta has cleared out some of that logjam we talked about earlier.  Brussino and Babbit are out as we predicted and Ilyasova is still there and has produced when healthy.


Isaiah Thomas’ tribute video from the Celtics.

The Lakers were in Beantown in early November, meaning IT won’t visit Boston this season.  Maybe he’ll get the Luke Ridnour treatment this summer and play in Boston on opening night of the 2018-19 season…when they raise another championship banner??

IT Sad
Damn, we almost feel sad.

Shams Charania

Woj destroyed the young fella.  Considering Cleveland was the bulk of the stories, it doesn’t come as a big surprise.  We’ve seen Woj and Koby talking in Vegas the past couple of Summers before Koby got the GM seat.

Shams Glasses
Weird, I thought I got service out here…must be a quiet day.
Shams Sad
Got that Bruno/Malachi scoop though

Man of the people, Clemzingis, hit the nail on the head here.

Clem Shams

Shams did close out the day with the Sheldon Mac to Atlanta trade…so not all was lost.  Sheldon Mac, not Shelvin Mack.  The guy from The U who legally changed his name and then tore his Achilles tendon.


Masai Tweet

Caboclo was the mystery man that Masai had wiped from the Draft Express rankings ahead of the 2014 draft.  He was deemed 2 years away from being 2 years away…so he should be 1/2 a year away at this point.  But he’s not.  It looks like he’s going to get released by SAC after all of the moves they’ve made today they don’t have the space to wait on him.

Masai Angry

Nate Duncan pointed out that it cleared a little bit of space for TOR and they’ll look to be active on the buyout market.

Masai Happy

Damn.  He’s still good.

US 😦

Yesterday, we talked about the Lakers forgoing the 2018 free agency class to focus on 2019.  Well they just cleared up enough space for 2 max spots this summer.  That’s on us, but at least that makes for some more drama in July!

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