The Case for Trae Young, #1

The not-so-best-kept-secret is out and you can thank the Big City Bias for keeping it under wraps for so long.  Trae Young is THE most tantalizing player in the draft.  Close calls to Mo Bamba and Luka Doncic, but here’s some information on Young for you. Besides the fact that has him as the top […]

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More on Boston’s Defense

Brad Stevens continues to impress the basketball world.  We highlighted his teams success against side pick-and-roll in an earlier post that we found simply elegant.  Well, we noticed another trend lat night that may be a reason for their success.  And it actually has a lot do with what we talked about in the Importance […]

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Basketball Analytics

Ahh, analytics, the term that all of the younger, non-basketball playing people who are trying to steal the jobs of the basketball gods and heroes that we grew up watching on TV.  It’s no secret that we are in the digital age, you’re probably reading this on a screen and not a newspaper…just in case […]

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The Importance of Point Guard Pace

Broadcasters and analysts love to talk about pace.  It’s one of those buzz words in basketball that is simple to understand, but takes longer to master…much like anything else worth getting good at.  Point guards who push the pace do so for a few reasons.  The most obvious, shots that come in the first 7 […]

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