Review of the Ref Review

We are not willing to concede victory yet!  Here is a closer look at the Travel heard ’round Twitter…we don’t have an HD feed or the editing skills to get much clearer footage, but we think this still supports our view. Lebron has picked up the ball and is stepping onto the floor with his […]

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Going Deeper

Here at the Upside Review, we are huge fans of cleaningtheglass and admire what Ben has created and the knowledge he drops on those lucky enough to have found his site.  Today, Ben shed some light on what the Boston Celtics are doing defensively to earn their wins.  There are some wonderful insights and Ben is […]

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DFS 11/13/17 Review

So, let’s see how our value targets did last night. Point Guard Shaun Livingston 3.1K-Livingston got the starting nod with Curry out, which is what we hoped for.  He only played 20 minutes but did enough damage at the 3.1K value to help free money for other spots.  Livingston accumulated 29.4 points on FD, via 16 […]

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DFS Plays 11/13/17

Since there are 9 games tonight, that means the player pool is deep enough to make predicting the best lineup difficult.  Once again, we’ll take a look at the off-beat players that could make a difference.  We’ll keep it only on FD, sorry to disappoint. Point Guard Shaun Livingston 3.1K-Steph Curry is listed as doubtful […]

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Positionless Basketball

This is the vogue terminology for roster construction that coaches are now leaking to the media.  As most things, when one of the best mentions it, it becomes real and no longer in theory.  But what are the reasons for all of this sudden change? If you look back to the last few drafts, you’ll […]

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Timeout Bonanza

Lost in some of the crazier story lines of the NBA is just how much the reduction of timeouts has influenced the scores.  It may not seem like much, but coaches are hesitant to take an early timeout for a teaching moment because they may need one to sub out an injured player: (Yes…the Magic […]

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