DFS Play Review (10/18 Games)

Here’s a look at the players we identified for yesterday’s games.  Some were good, some were bad.

FD (6.66K per position slot)

Point Guards

Marcus Smart 5.3K (29.4 DFS Points)-Smart entered the starting lineup tonight and went for 12 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals.  Solid numbers for those that selected him.  Only went 1-6 from the FT line, would have been nice to pick up a few more easy points between that and the 1-6 on non-3PTA.  Will most likely see a similar price for his next game.

Dennis Smith Jr 4.3K (31.6 DFS Points)-16 points and 10 assists in his first regular season game.  Atlanta pulled off a win on the back of Schroder and Belinelli (remember that name for later use), which hurts a little bit.  Smith did well and played right around where we’d hope, but on the underwhelming side given the hype.  This isn’t a bad play, but could’ve been better.

Tyus Jones 3K (8.9 DFS Points)-As we expected, Jones was the back up point guard and played 23 minutes.  Bad news, he only scored 3 points and barely put any other numbers up.  Great team guy, not a great DFS guy.  A last resort type of play if you don’t have any money left.

Shooting Guards

Jaylen Brown 3.7K (28.5 DFS Points)-Only took 11 shots in this game, Kyrie definitely tried to impose his will here taking 25.  Added 5 rebounds and 3 assists, not a ton.  We should have taken into account that Milwaukee’s wings are phenomenal and their entire team defends.  Good thought here, hoping his young legs would power through the back-to-back but that was not the case.

Lance Stephenson 3.3K (24.7 DFS Points)-Got 19 shots up in 24 minutes off the bench!  Lance got them up, that’s for sure.  The next highest FGA total was Thad Young at 16, so we accurately predicted that Lance would be able to create his own shot.  However, he was  6-19 overall, 2-9 from 3PT and 2-5 from the FT line…not what we hoped.  3 assists, 1 rebound, 1 steal, 1 block…not what we hoped for either.

Malik Monk 3.8K (1.5 DFS Points)-3 points in 21 minutes.  1-9 overall and 1-6 from 3PT.  Let’s chalk this one up to SVG wanting to make a statement about why he wouldn’t have drafted you if you slipped to the next pick.  21 minutes is encouraging, but less than a point per 1K is not going to help anyone.

Small Forwards

Jayson Tatum 3.5K (21.8 DFS Points)-Tatum played 37 minutes, which gave him plenty of floor time to make an impact.  Like Brown, we didn’t take into account running into the Greek Freak and company.  Tatum was 3-7 from the floor and only scored 8 points.  He did chip in with 9 rebounds.  Makes you realize how much better 10-10 is than 8-9, but still an encouraging outing for the young guy if he stays below the 4K line.

Dwayne Bacon 3K (11.4 DFS Points)-Bacon started, that’s a huge win for anyone at the 3K price.  He only played 20 minutes, which is decent for that price, but not great for a starter.  8 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists shows some potential.

Chandler Parsons 3.4K (12.8 DFS Points)-A whopping 12.8 DFS points for Parsons.  We’ll end it there.

Power Forwards

Ben Simmons 5.6K (45.5 DFS Points)-Well, we don’t think you’ll see a 5 as the first number in his price much longer, but it was fun while it lasted.  18 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and a block.  Expect a few more assists and a constant triple-double threat moving forward.  He was a steal at 5.6K and if he’s under 7K for his next exposure, we think you should probably acquire him.  We also like the 35 minutes tonight and hope that’s a trend that continues.

Thaddeus Young 5.3K (40.7 DFS Points)-17 points, 11 rebounds, always happy with a double-double from someone below the average salary slot.  Thad also put up decent numbers in other categories; 3 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.  We’re happy with this result, the only disappointment being the 1-5 from deep.

Skal Labissiere 4.1K (20.5 DFS Points)-Double-double for Skal!  12 and 10 as a starter.  He did turn the ball over 5 times and the only other tally in the box score was an assist.  No blocks or steals is a little disappointing.  Good start for Skal, and he’s likely to stay around that price which is a solid value play.


Kosta Koufos 3.8K (10.2 DFS Points)-Cauley-Stein started at center and Koufos was in his normal off the bench role.  We like the 6 rebounds in 18 minutes, but that’s about it.  Cauley-Stein recorded a double-double, we expect that he’ll continue on as the starter and get the bulk of the minutes.

Cody Zeller 5K (18.8 DFS Points)-8 points and 9 rebounds in 23 minutes.  Extremely efficient, but like a few others on this list it wasn’t worth the price tag.  Dwight played 31 minutes so there will be some nights that Zeller’s on-court production ramps up as Dwight puts or misses a bunch of FTs.  Have faith in this one, but that comes with a little buyer-beware.

Greg Monroe 5.6K (18.7 DFS Points)-Moose got 17 minutes as a back up, entering around the 7 minute mark of the 1st and 3rd quarters, which looks like that will be his rotation until a change is needed.  The 10 points and 6 rebounds are great for his per-36 numbers, but doesn’t outproduce his cost.  If he drops to the 5K range, he’s a little more attractive.

DK (6.25K per postion slot)

Point Guards

Just to note, Dennis Smith Jr is priced at 6.8K here, showing how undervalued he is on the other site…Smith went for 35.25 DFS points and earned a flame.  That’s a win.

Avery Bradley 5.5K-Efficient play from AB, 7-10 from the field to net 15 points but only added 1 assist and 2 rebounds in 23 minutes…the lowest of all starters and 2 less than Langston Galloway off the bench.  No need to worry for future plays, but not an ideal night at that price.

Patty Mills 4.7K-Dejounte Murray got the bulk of the time at the point, and he looked pretty good doing so.  Patty played his normal San Antonio role off the bench.  22 minutes is usually enough for Patty to do some damage, but he didn’t in this exposure.  He took 4 shots and only made 1.  This was not a good guess on our part.

Shooting Guards

Terrence Ross 4K-Good numbers from Ross; 15 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and  1 block.  That’s pretty well rounded at a decent price.  6 players took at least 10 shots for the Magic, something they’ll need to continue since they don’t have a superstar to go to when they need a basket.  Ross can fly off screens and get into his shot quickly, which helps but is not a high volume play in the DFS world.

E’Twaun Moore 3.6K-Played 34 minutes and took 11 shots, we like that.  Made 5 of them, we like that also.  Missed both of his 3PTAs and didn’t bring much else to the floor.  We can’t expect too much else in the box score; Cousins, Davis and Cunningham will swallow all of the rebounds on the defensive end.  This means that E’Twaun is just a shooter/scorer and not a guy that is explosive enough to go for 30 in a game.  Not a player to watch.


Thon Maker 3.8K-With just looking at the minutes played for the big guys, this may be the last time Maker is on this list.  Thon started and played 14, Henson and Monroe both played 17 minutes.  Maker played until the 7:09 mark in the 1st and is out until 3:54 in the half…that’s a really long break for a starter.  Maker gets subbed out at the 7:00 mark of the 3rd (that’s a trend, people) and doesn’t see the court the rest of the game.  Add Maker to the shelf until the Bucks wear down a little bit.

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