DFS Plays

One of the lovely parts of technology is the ability to test your “GM” skills against man and machine on different Daily Fantasy Sports sites.  Since tonight has a full slate of games, let’s take a look at some of the best value plays. We will highlight some potential high value players on the main sites, FD and DK…and follow up with a post tomorrow about how we did.  We are going to focus on FD, but will browse the DK prices as well and if there are some names that weren’t covered in the FD section we’ll highlight them.


Point Guards

Marcus Smart 5.3K-Smart didn’t shoot the ball well last night, which has always been a knock on his game but he fills out the rest of a stat sheet nicely.  With the unfortunate injury to Gordon Hayward, expect Smart to play more minutes given his ability to defend the high level wings.  If you can snag a potential double-double guy at your PG spot for 1.3K under the average positional value, that’s a win.

Dennis Smith Jr 4.3K-Bold strategy to play a rookie on his opening night, but DSJ is electric.  His price point is the same as Ish Smith and Patty Mills, clearly DSJ has the potential to outpace those guys.  He’ll face an Atlanta Hawks that is trying to create a new identity, but has some young faces in important positions.  And Dallas is playing at home, which tend to help rookies.

Tyus Jones 3K-At the lowest price point, Jones provides a decent chance of getting points.  Aaron Brooks is listed ahead of him on some depth charts, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Jones ends up handling some back up point duties against San Antonio.  He doesn’t turn the ball over, has a very high ASTr and will be surrounded by scorers.  It’s 3K, they can’t all be winners but we’ll take him over Shane Larkin.

Shooting Guards

Jaylen Brown 3.7K-Brown played 40 minutes last night and tallied 25 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals.  We don’t anticipate him taking 23 shots again tonight, but someone will have to shoot the ball in Hayward’s absence.  At 3.7K, Brown is a no-brainer to complement higher salaried players.

Lance Stephenson 3.3K-A little bit of  a swing for the fences here, but we all know how immensely talented Stephenson is.  The Pacers need fire power, and Stephenson can score on his own and create for his teammates.  Add in his rebounding and he’s another candidate, like Smart, to fill up a box score.

Malik Monk 3.8K-Normally we’d have Monk at the top of this list, but Charlotte is playing Detroit so we anticipate a slug fest that doesn’t play into Monk’s strengths.  That being said, he’s going to be a focal part of the offense.  We hope he can bolster his assist and rebounding numbers, but that may prove to be challenging tonight.

Small Forwards

Jayson Tatum 3.5K-So we think you’ve figured out the trend here.  Kyrie is going to get his numbers, and Horford will get his minutes.   But Smart, Brown and Tatum are all going to have to step up their game to fill in for their injured teammate.  Tatum looked more than solid last night, 14 and 10 to go along with 3 assists in a starting role.  Double-double potential for roughly half the positional value allows you to swing big with the other spots.

Dwayne Bacon 3K-A scoring machine who can rebound a little bit.  Another player who’ll see more minutes than anticipated due to an injury in the starting 5.  I’d expect Bacon to see serious time as the backup SF over Treveon Graham and also in some lineups where Coach Clifford goes small just to mess with SVG.

Chandler Parsons 3.4K-Probably the largest difference between actual salary and DFS salary, with good reason.  Parsons hasn’t been healthy in a while, but his Instagram videos showed him doing a lot of Pilates and he looked to be in much better shape than a couple seasons ago where he was about 20 pounds (of bad weight) heavier than normal.  Extremely versatile and talented.  If he looks like his normal self, this will be the only night where you can get him on the cheap.  It’s risky, but Memphis has so much invested in him that they need to play him and find out what they have.

Power Forwards

Ben Simmons 5.6K-Trust the process.  For a player as multi-faceted as Simmons, 5.6K seems very low.  High USG, high DREB, high ASTr are all good numbers for DFS.  Going up against Washington means their will be a lot of possessions, and not many people to match up with Simmons.  I don’t expect Jason Smith to defend him well, so Washington may have to make some adjustments as they go along and Brett Brown is great at exploiting advantages.  Power Forward is a thin slot, Simmons has good value here.

Thaddeus Young 5.3K-Just a solid player who knows his game.  Not a prolific shooter or scorer, and expect those numbers to take a dip with expanded roles for Turner, Oladipo and Stephenson.  Young has often been the forgotten guy and ends up making teams pay.  He’s playing against his former team, expect a chip on his shoulder, and a frenetic pace to inflate everyone’s numbers.

Skal Labissiere 4.1K-This could be a tough game for ZBo, which means more minutes for Skal.  Houston’s defense does give up points and Skal has shown some improvement from last year.  In a weak power forward field, he’s an interesting play to save money.  We aren’t super confident in this pick, but at 4.1K it allows you to tinker with the rest of the lineup.


Kosta Koufos 3.8K-He’s listed as top starter in most depth charts.  That’s about all we got.

Cody Zeller 5K-Charlotte hit their stride last year when Cody was at his best.  They need him to be the same guy despite having Dwight Howard ahead of him right now.  Expect SVG to pull some stuff to rile Dwight up and Cliff to look to Cody to keep them in the game.  He scores efficiently, plays hard and rebounds well.  All are coach-friendly qualities, so there may be more here than expected.

Greg Monroe 5.6K-Crafty veteran scorer matched up against Aron Baynes on the second night of a back-to-back for Boston.  It’s a tempting match up from that perspective.  We all know Monroe is going to get the ball and look to score, and will add in some offensive rebounds as well.  Decent value in a position that has few relevant players.


Point Guards

Just to note, Dennis Smith Jr is priced at 6.8K here, showing how undervalued he is on the other site…

Avery Bradley 5.5K-He’s under the average positional salary number and has the ability to play in the point guard slot.  Detroit loves him, and he should see favorable match ups tonight with Nicolas Batum out.

Patty Mills 4.7K-With Tony Parker out and Tim Duncan doing God’s work in the Virgin Islands, the Spurs will need someone to score.  Patty could pick up some of the slack here.

Shooting Guards

Terrence Ross 4K-Officials mentioned his missed some practice earlier this week, but is expected to start in his normal slot against Miami at home.  He’s 1.1K cheaper than Fournier and should produce about the same amount.

E’Twaun Moore 3.6K-Someone will have to hit open shots with Davis and Cousins drawing all 5 defenders to them.  Listed as a starter, you won’t see many at this price so it’s worth a shot if you need a cheap player who will play enough minutes to over-produce.


Thon Maker 3.8K-He’s just so darn likable.  Starting minutes at that price is a nice look.  Don’t expect much value here, but he plays hard and defends everyone which keeps him in the good graces of the basketball Gods.

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