On the Shelf: Draft Rights Owned

This list does not take into account anyone drafted in 2017, it’s more interesting to look a little deeper in the cupboard to see if there is anything worthwhile.

Janis Timma (Orlando)-The 6’7″ 225 pound shooter is a player that fits into the “Stretch-4” slot to add shooting and spacing to the line up.  He’s not just a shooter, Timma has shown the ability to score in the paint when he has the right matchup, but he’s limited close to the rim because of his lack of athleticism.  His strength and footwork on the block is similar to Wesley Matthews and I don’t think he’d venture to deep unless he was confident to draw a foul at the very least.  Timma’s size and quick trigger allow him to get his shot off in tight spaces, he’ll have to prove he can maintain his accuracy moving into shots on the wing and slot on the weakside to become a viable weapon for an NBA team.  More talented and athletic than Damjan Rudez, not to mention much younger (25 years old) but not as good as Niko Mirotic/Bojan Bogdanovic.

Orlando retains his rights, but Timma  doesn’t seem to be in the future plans for anything as he hasn’t even suited up in Summer League for the Magic so he can easily be thrown in to any transaction as an asset with potential value.


Aaron White (Washington)-Another forward who can benefit from the 3&D position sliding up to the PF spot.  White’s frame and defensive acumen make him a versatile defender amongst the SF/Hybrid/PF spectrum.  Tougher and more athletic than you anticipate, he’s another option to have on the end of your bench that will push  his teammates in practice and play with energy every night.  His 3PT shooting still needs some work, the positive side being that he knocked down 37% during the VTB League but his FT% was in the 65% range which does not bode well for long term success.  His Eurocup shooting is more likely what you’ll get; 30.8% from 3PT and 65% from the FT line.

White’s value comes on the defensive end with the hope that he can continue with the 37% shooting from range, which can happen.  It is much easier to go from a jack-of-all-trades player in college to a specialist in the professional ranks, which could be worth a team taking a minimum-contract risk or a creative small-guarantee to see what he can do with a year of just shooting.





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