The Physics of the 3 Point Shot

So this title is a little misleading.  We aren’t giving a physics lesson on 3 point shooting.  When you want to learn that, go to the guys at the NOAH system and they’ll science you to death about the optimal entry angle, depth, etc.  They’ve captured millions of shots from all walks of life, so […]

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NBA Award Season

Most Valuable Player James Harden Best player on the best team.  Yes, he had a great supporting cast and Chris Paul would easily win Best Actor in a supporting role.  But Harden is the perfect weapon at this point.  With a team full of spacing shooters, he has become the best isolation scorer in the […]

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Draft Night Moves

As the regular season comes to an end, we start to focus a little more on the draft.  It’s one of the few nights where every team has hope!  Regardless of how poor their season long performance was, Commissioner Silver can change the course of a franchise as he reads out a player’s name. For […]

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Stat Showdown

We all know that there are certain stats scouts and GMs look at when evaluating college players prior to the draft.  We are going to look a little closer at a select group of those, and analyze why they are important, and where they may be overrated. For this post’s purposes, we’ll stick to the […]

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Seniors in the Draft

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Harvey Dent Interestingly enough, this applies to most NCAA seniors and their draft hopes.  Here’s a breakdown of the last few drafts in terms of Freshman versus Seniors: 2017: 15 to 2 (White, Hart) 2016: 10 to 5 (Hield, Prince, Valentine, […]

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Ancient Text Predict Rockets Glory

The Nick Fury of the NBA finally has his chance.  Against a seemingly insurmountable opponent, he’s cobbled together some of the world’s finest to shoot their best shot and defeat a monster.  To call this a “David versus Goliath” match up doesn’t paint an accurate picture and does a disservice to the future Hall of […]

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Tread Lightly, Charlotte GM

News broke this week that Charlotte Hornets General Manager, Rich Cho, will not have his contract extended.  There’s some good news, bad news here.  Bad news first, Cho will no longer be 1 of the 30 NBA GM/Presidents that lead an organization.  Good news, more time on the Food Blog!!!! Cho, to put it lightly, […]

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The Case for Jaren Jackson

As we inch closer and closer to the draft, we want to make sure we don’t overlook any potential #1 picks.  Jaren Jackson Jr. has started to climb up some of the mock drafts, and it is evident as to why. NBA teams spend years researching prospects in an attempt to guess how productive they […]

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Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

WINNERS Family Reunions! Jameer Nelson and Stan Van Gundy finally get back together.  Maybe this year Ish Smith gets hurt on their way to the Finals and Jameer steps in and gets redemption. Rob Pelinka traded for his former client, Channing Frye, bringing the sweet-shooting, SnapChat maestro to the West coast. Thibs and Derrick Rose […]

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