Tread Lightly, Charlotte GM

News broke this week that Charlotte Hornets General Manager, Rich Cho, will not have his contract extended.  There’s some good news, bad news here.  Bad news first, Cho will no longer be 1 of the 30 NBA GM/Presidents that lead an organization.  Good news, more time on the Food Blog!!!! Cho, to put it lightly, […]

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The Case for Jaren Jackson

As we inch closer and closer to the draft, we want to make sure we don’t overlook any potential #1 picks.  Jaren Jackson Jr. has started to climb up some of the mock drafts, and it is evident as to why. NBA teams spend years researching prospects in an attempt to guess how productive they […]

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Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

WINNERS Family Reunions! Jameer Nelson and Stan Van Gundy finally get back together.  Maybe this year Ish Smith gets hurt on their way to the Finals and Jameer steps in and gets redemption. Rob Pelinka traded for his former client, Channing Frye, bringing the sweet-shooting, SnapChat maestro to the West coast. Thibs and Derrick Rose […]

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NBA Free Agency Issues

As noted by some others, this year’s free agency may not be as smooth as the past couple.  Players and their representatives have been able to cash in nicely since the new TV deal money kicked into the BRI.  But the projections weren’t entirely accurate and the cap has not increased as expected since the […]

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Hoop Hall Long Shots

The NBA has plenty of players that were not “blue chip” prospects from the age of 16 on.  To make it, these guys have to fit a specific role for a roster and be one of the top 5 in the world at that task.  Whether it’s a defensive stopper (Tony Allen), or a sharpshooter […]

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2018 High School Upside Ratings

So we wanted to check out what all they hype was surrounding the 2018 high school class and where its players stack up.  We traveled up to the Birthplace of Basketball; where a good portion of the top 10 in 2018 participated in front of sold out crowds and on national television.  We got a […]

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SMU, the future of Basketball?

We have talked a lot about “positionless” basketball here at the Upside Review.  It’s that buzz term that the media loves throwing around even if it’s a little misleading.  Positionless makes it seem as if the players have no position, when it’s just the opposite.  Positionless basketball occurs when a team has a bunch of […]

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The Case for Trae Young, #1

The not-so-best-kept-secret is out and you can thank the Big City Bias for keeping it under wraps for so long.  Trae Young is THE most tantalizing player in the draft.  Close calls to Mo Bamba and Luka Doncic, but here’s some information on Young for you. Besides the fact that has him as the top […]

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More on Boston’s Defense

Brad Stevens continues to impress the basketball world.  We highlighted his teams success against side pick-and-roll in an earlier post that we found simply elegant.  Well, we noticed another trend lat night that may be a reason for their success.  And it actually has a lot do with what we talked about in the Importance […]

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Basketball Analytics

Ahh, analytics, the term that all of the younger, non-basketball playing people who are trying to steal the jobs of the basketball gods and heroes that we grew up watching on TV.  It’s no secret that we are in the digital age, you’re probably reading this on a screen and not a newspaper…just in case […]

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